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Welcome to WenchPrime's Kitchen Witch!

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What's for dinner tonight? Pressed for time? You're not a wealthy gourmet chef, but want to serve something a little fancy? Looking for a lower-fat rendition of a favorite recipe? You've come to the right place!

If you have any dietary restrictions, please take the attached poll. With me, the biggest battle is finding low fat processed foods which are also low in sodium. Please, if you share my dilemma, take the poll. I can forward the results to several food manufacturers, and perhaps WE can get some results. Thank You!

If you'd like to view the RealPlayer video below, please be patient, it will take a moment to load; otherwise, click on to the area of your choice, and browse to your heart's content!

Thank you for visiting WenchPrime's Kitchen Witch, and GOD BLESS THE USA!!!!

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