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Potato Buying Guide
Potato varieties differ mainly in the amount of moisture and starch they contain. Buy potatoes according to how you are planning to use them.

Choose potatoes that are firm, unblemished, and without sprouts. Avoid those that have a greenish tinge to the skin - this is caused by prolonged light exposure, and that greenish tinge means that the potato contains solanine. Eaten in quantity, solanine can be toxic. Cut away any green parts of a potato before cooking.

Store potatoes in a cool, dark place, but not in the refrigerator.

High Starch
(Idaho or Idaho Bakers)
Long, slightly rounded ends. Thick, rough skin. Very low moisture; fluffy interior when cooked.
Baking, mashing, frying

Medium Starch ("All Purpose" Potatoes)
Eastern Round Whites
Medium-sized, dark thick skins. Higher moisture content than russets.
Baking, mashing, roasting, boiling, scalloped.
Yukon Gold
Medium-sized, light brown skin, yellowish flesh. Moisture content is higher than Eastern Round Whites.
Scalloped, stews, potato salads.
California Long Whites
Long, slightly rounded ends. Smooth, very light brown skin. High moisture content, flesh has a somewhat waxy texture.
Boiled, scalloped, potato salads.

Low Starch (Boiling Potatoes)
Red Bliss
(round reds)
Small, smooth red skin, high moisture content, waxy flesh.
Best for potato salads; boiled, stews.

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