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Home Canning
Most of the recipes here are for water-bath canning, either fresh- or hot-pack foods. The water-bath method is for processing foods at a temperature of 212° F, and is recommended for canning fruits, high-acid vegetables, pickles and relishes. Butters, conserves, jams and preserves should be processed at a simmering 180°-185° F.

 The recipes herein are for use with glass jars and 2-piece vacuum lids.

You can substitute any large metal kettle for the water-bath canner if:

1)   It is large enough to allow for 1 to 2 inches of water above the tops
of the jars, plus a little extra space to allow for boiling;
2)   Has a close-fitting cover;
3)   A wire rack may be fitted into it to keep the jars from touching each
other or the bottom or sides of the kettle.

Apple Butter
Brandied Mincemeat
Corn Relish
Pickled Green Tomatoes
Pickled Peppers
Pickled Watermelon Rind